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Ballinglen Arts Fellowship August / September 2019

Updated: May 31, 2020

A special 3 weeks at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Co Mayo, Ireland.

It rained nearly every single day, great for spending lots of time in the studio. In between the showers I was out walking and exploring the stunning coastline of North Mayo, pebble appreciating and making friends with beautiful ponies and cows encountered in the lush green fields. In the studio time was spent developing new threads. Firstly, a new series of 9 controlled mesh/net drawings on A3 paper using fine-line paint pens, and second a playful new departure using drawn collage cut-outs to create a series of festoons that hung from the studio walls in various different compositions.

"The Ballinglen Arts Foundation is an Irish non-profit organization located in the village of Ballycastle on the sea coast of North County Mayo in the Republic of Ireland.

Its programmes are designed to support serious artists making important work in ideal, inspiring conditions."

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