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A DRAWING FOR DOUGLAS HUEBER, Royal College of Art, 2004

Title : 'A Drawing for Douglas Heubler' (with Skulk)  


Mixed Media : Plywood constructed billboard, Anaglypta wallpaper, pencil, graphite, chickenwire, gumtape. 

Dimensions : 244cm x 360cm x 300cm drawing on billboard, plus 9 lifesize fox sculptures. 

The installation was based on an observational drawing made in the Dorset countryside ( see right) showing a shady woodland path. The drawing was then scaled up and drawn onto a leave design anaglyptic wallpaper. In front of the drawing, there was a skulk, the collective noun for a group of foxes, made from chick wire and gum tape. Some of the foxes looking into the drawing, others looking around to the surrounding space. The title references American conceptual artist Douglas Huebler, and his 'Variables' series in which he attempts to find recognizable human faces in photographs he took of random sites including woodlands and the Tower of London.

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